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Story-powered Sales

Shorten sale cycle
Increase deal size
Empower sales teams
The Missing Piece of Your Sales Enablement  - Sales Stories and a StoryBank
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How does it work?


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To help your salesforce, we first conduct a series of short training sessions:

  • What is storytelling in enterprise sales (the structure, the length, etc.) ?

  • What type of stories should you tell  (e.g. insight story, key staff story, etc.)?

  • How to invoke stories to understand pain points and build rapport (story listening and story triggering)?T


We understand that your salespeople are super busy with selling and crafting stories takes time and effort, therefore:

  • We interview your salespeople 

  • Craft short business stories, sharable during your sales process

  • And build up your Sales StoryBank


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Going through your Sales playbook each time or looking for a story in the company content management system could be time-consuming and not fun, That's why:

  • We leverage StoryPack technology specifically built to be your StoryBank.

  • Your salespeople can search for stories, bookmark their favorite stories and...

  • They can keep sharing stories with colleagues through the app to grow your company StoryBank and share knowledge and inspiration. 

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Any scientific proof - why stories?


Stories are a powerful

learning tool  

We are hardwired

 for stories

Information retention

is 6-7 times higher

Why Storytelling in Sales?

Timberly Williams

“Stories are how we remember; we tend to forget lists and bullet points.”

Robert McKee


Want to learn more or share your story? Let us know

Thank you! We will reach out soon!

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