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Entrepreneurs in Berlin are challenging e-learning & knowledge sharing through the power of stories.

Our passion for stories

StoryPack is a micro-learning platform that helps young professionals learn and organizations train their modern workforce through external and internal expert knowledge in the form of short stories. We carefully select short stories from business books and experts so you can get great ideas and lessons quickly and efficiently.


The idea came from a personal need to learn from books and experts- however, time was the biggest problem due to our modern day fast-pace lifestyle. Living in a digital age we were already overloaded with information and the existing solutions made it worse. So the idea of learning through short stories/case studies was born. Here's why stories.

Our Team

David Headshot.jpg

David is a co-founder and the CTO. He is responsible for building the product and technology. He has more than 15 years of experience in developing solutions that solve customer problems. He is also passionate about storytelling, building a business, and a team.


Serina is responsible for the visual language of StoryPack, including branding, social media, UI design and graphic design. She is passionate about storytelling, creative writing, and product design.


Shuhrat is a co-founder and the CEO. Besides storytelling and speaking, he is also passionate to bring like-minded individuals together with the same mission to solve problems. As an entrepreneur, he has implemented several projects and ideas in the past. In the last 5 years, he has worked in B2B sales. 

Our Advisors

Alison Jones.png

Alison Jones

Founder of

PI Publishing

Raymond Miranda.jpg

Raymond Miranda

Founder of Labora(s)tory

Pitch Doctor.jpg

Christoph Sollich


Pitch Doctor


Sherzod Gafar

CPO at


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