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We are small and young, but with big ideas: we believe in the power of storytelling and would like to work with you to capture some of the knowledge and insight contained in your nonfiction books through its engaging short stories of 1,000 words or less.  Here is FAQ

Share Your Expertise and Story


Stories make a strong impression. Sharing your stories on StoryPack can be a powerful way to introduce your expertise and voice to peers and generate interest in your work. Stories can personalize a message, trigger emotions, and transport us on a journey. 

Our Service: your benefits (FREE)


While most nonfiction books are packed with stories, generally these stories are only accessible through the book. On the other hand, consumers have a plethora of options and constantly asking themselves which book to read next. Now by using StoryPack they can get knowledge, learn about the author and their book through some of their short stories. 

  1. Generate Consulting Revenues:  Our main target customer is organizations that invest in knowledge management and leadership training and development

  2. Expand Your Readership: While books are very popular, over the last few years online literature, including mobile microformats, is coming into its own

  3. Drive book sales: Links to your Webpage and online vendor of choice make it easy for people to discover your work and purchase your books

4. Interact with readers: Stories are inherently more personal and engaging than other content forms.

5. Monitor traction: Readers can save, like your stories and follow you

6. Online Marketing: Time the release of stories to support an upcoming book release, reignite interest in your books, or a workshop or training program you might be launching.


Work With Us

Your books are packed with stories, so why not feature some of them on StoryPack? Some stories may already stand-alone and require no work. Others may need some editorial work and a little adapting. No worries, we work with you every step of the way to make your submissions as easy as possible and (when needed) provide editorial support. 


  1. Targeted: We only feature up to three stories per book, divulging less than 5% of your book’s text.

  2. Your stories: You maintain full control of content and copyrights. 

  3. Easy: sign up and create an account within minutes, and start submitting stories right away. 

  4. In control: You decide which stories to submit and when to submit them. 

  5. Immediate: You can also write original stories, specifically for StoryPack, and quickly disseminate your ideas.

Ubiquitous: Our aim is to make it as easy as possible for you to share your stories and knowledge with anyone who spends time on a mobile phone.


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