How to be smarter than machines

Over the last decades, technology has grown exponentially. All the progress reduced poverty increased life expectancy and has given opportunities to people who had few chances to succeed in previous generations. Although there’s still so much to do, the average quality of life today is much better than 50 to 100 years ago.

However, there are two aspects I would like to emphasize given the continuous and accelerating progress happening in the world right now. First, the fact that we experience way more progress because of a combination of knowledge and an entrepreneurial mindset. Second, the risk of making life so easy that this improvement might end up hijacking the progress.

How the world evolved in the last decades

Not more than 100 years ago, about 95% of the world’s population (around 1 billion people) was living in extreme poverty. Life expectancy was less than 50 years in most countries. Diseases today considered harmless were mortal. Life was hard and dangerous. However, technological research and development along with entrepreneurship made the difference. Growing human aspirations, those motivated to leave the struggle behind, people who wanted to change the world as their vision, those people made and keep making the difference.

The risk

New generations are used to taking for granted that pressing a button or even speaking to a machine gets things of extreme complexity done because the burden has been taken by technology. Unless they develop their own interest to excel at something, those people will be at risk of being replaced by some automation.

Why I’m doing this

I have craved for entrepreneurship since I was a child and once I grew up and started getting better insights into what I wanted to do I decided to help people self-develop professionally.

After years of growing my career as a software engineer, and looking for a person who would share a passion for making a project that would enhance people’s lives is how I came across to StoryPack.

I found it interesting that the medium to transfer knowledge was short stories because when a story is told the whole brain fires up and it’s capacity to retain information and understand is way higher than using any other format. So, I decided to start working together with my co-founder, Shuhrat, to make this possible.

The Product

The product brings curated stories authorised by their authors and extracted from business books. We want to bring the easiest way for your brain to absorb knowledge and give room for experience.

Enterprise experience

Even though StoryPack can be used by anyone, we focus on enterprise customers. Therefore, we also want to help them collect and retain their own experiences and knowledge.


My personal goal here is to help people outsmart machines. By saying that I mean I want people to keep being human in terms of staying motivated and striving for innovation. My wish is to help people find inspiration and happiness by gaining confidence in their own interests, and I am certain that a natural consequence of it is some sort of contribution within the family and further, the society.

The same way machines understand data structured in certain ways, there’s no better way for humans to grasp data than with stories.

I hope that StoryPack, of which the first version has just been released, will keep delivering better and more efficient solutions that help companies leverage their learning processes and thus help people push their dreams forward.

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