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Dear Publisher,

We believe in the power of storytelling and would like to cooperate with you to feature the work of your authors on our platform. See FAQ

Featuring stories of your authors on StoryPack can be a powerful way to introduce your author and their books. StoryPack is a microlearning mobile app that helps companies train their modern workforce through external and internal knowledge. For accessing external knowledge we partner with publishers to feature up to 3 short stories of their authors. We already have some publishers from the UK. 

Your benefits


Drive book sales:

Links to your page

& online vendor of

choice to increase sales.


Monitor traction:

Readers can save,

like your stories

follow you.


Connect with readers:

Stories are inherently more personal & engaging than other content forms.

Our Partners


Work with us

Working with us is easy! All we ask for is a marketing/ promotional agreement

and the next steps would be:

  • You select and send us some PDFs of book titles you suggest to us

  • We get back to you with 2-3 stories (for each title) that we’d love to feature

  • We can also work directly with interested authors

  • We show you how the stories would look on our mobile app 

  • Once we have your (and the author's) green light, the stories will be made available on our platform.

After this initial beta test & limited partnership, we can put a long term agreement. 

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