Dear Publisher,

We believe in the power of storytelling and would like to cooperate with you to feature the work of your authors on our platform. See FAQ

Featuring stories of your authors on StoryPack can be a powerful way to introduce your author and their books. StoryPack is a microlearning mobile app that helps companies train their modern workforce through external and internal knowledge. For accessing external knowledge we partner with publishers to feature up to 3 short stories of their authors. We already have some publishers from the UK. 

Your benefits


Drive book sales:

Links to your page

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choice to increase sales.


Monitor traction:

Readers can save,

like your stories

follow you.


Connect with readers:

Stories are inherently more personal & engaging than other content forms.

Our Partners


Work with us

Working with us is easy! All we ask for is a marketing/ promotional agreement

and the next steps would be:

  • You select and send us some PDFs of book titles you suggest to us

  • We get back to you with 2-3 stories (for each title) that we’d love to feature

  • We can also work directly with interested authors

  • We show you how the stories would look on our mobile app 

  • Once we have your (and the author's) green light, the stories will be made available on our platform.

After this initial beta test & limited partnership, we can put a long term agreement. 

Frequently asked questions

What is StoryPack?

StoryPack is a microlearning mobile app that helps companies train their modern workforce through internal and external knowledge. It also serves as a discovery platform to learn more about the upcoming books or about experts and their work through their short stories.

Who is the target audience?

StoryPack is built for the new generation of workforce/Millennials. They all have extemly busy lives and short attention spans. They are already overloaded with information so summarizing the main points doesn't work for them. They love stories because it is memorable and engaging.

Who is the customer?

We are targeting growing organizations and large multinational corporations who have two strong pain points: 1. The challenge of learning and development for their new workforce. To solve this problem we offer them a microlearning mobile app which helps their employees learn through short stories from experts. 2. The difficulty to retain knowledge from retiring experts. We are offering a SaaS solution to capture their internal knowledge through short stories. We are building an interactive tool to capture the knowledge of these employees through short stories. The companies then would pay us a monthly subscription fee to use our platform.

Why is it FREE for authors and publishers?

For authors and publishers our platform serves as an expert/book discovery app. Each author in our platform would have a profile with the titles they have published and some of their short stories. It is a FREE service for them because our customers are companies. We are a SaaS technology company, not a marketing agency for authors/publishers.

Are the mobile apps released?

Yes, you can access them from here

How can we join as a publisher?

We are currenly focusing on three main topics: Leadership, Sales and Inspiration. If your books fall under one of these categories please reach out to us by sending an email to We will then be happy to organize a short call to answer any of your questions. Following that we can put together a timelimited promotional agreement as part of the test phase to get the rights to feature your books and authors. Once the testing phase is over, we can put together a mutually benefitial long term agreement.

What are some immediate benefits for publishers?

Besides some of the long term benefits of increasing book sales, introducing their publisher and authors to corporations, the publishers also get these benefits: 1. Audio version. Each submitted story will be conversted into an audio version. You can also have access to it. 2. Podcast. The authors will be interviewed for StoryPunch Podcast (coming soon) introducing the author expertise and generating interest to their work. 3. Marketing material. All the marketing material can also be shared with the publishers.